Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vaguely moist

Frakkitey Frak Frak Frak!!
It's raining again!

Look I've nothing against rain, it's really quiet lovely, and it waters all the plants and makes pretty flowers and looks like silver diamonds falling from the sky onto a world wrapped in a gray cloth of mystery etc etc.
But come on already!

It's been raining continuously (with just small interruptions here and there to get my hopes up and then break them brutally) for the past heading on 3 weeks! It's like god put it up as his South African screen saver and then forgot to turn the monitor off!

I know our country often needs rain, we're famous for our droughts, step right up, best in the southern hemisphere! But see, I live in Johannesburg. We have tar roads. And sky scrapers. And too many jerks in jeeps who think it makes them look cool but really just helps you pick out who the jerks in jeeps are.
We don't need excess rain! It just makes pot holes, bumper bashings and Kelly next door's hair frizz!

A light sprinkling ever now and then? Sure thing!
A thunderstorm to make us appreciate nature and how we've over come and subjugated most of it? Okay sure, why not?
But this continuous down-pouring? Heck no!

Send it out to the Free State or Natal ... or... damn I can never remember all the provinces! Once it got past 4 I just stopped bothering.

But send the rain out to where it's wanted. Where there is corn waiting in need of water. Where there are grapes and watermelon and all those good things I want to eat! Send the rain to them, they'd be happy to have it. (Only not too much, because it's the little people, aka me, who suffer when crops get ruined!)

My poor walk shoes. They're disintegrating from all the rain. And I can't go getting a second pair because they'll end up copy catting the first pair! My feet have long forgotten what it means to be dry. Evolution is webbing my toes as we speak! And my umbrella is beginning to resemble a crushed, mutant spider. I didn't know prongs could bend that way?

I think I also just miss the sun. Sure it burns me and beats me into submission with excess heat and UV rays, but there is something very uplifting about a clear blue sky.

Well I guess there's not much I can do but accept it? Oooooooooh!!! Bring back sunny skies! All is forgiven!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day tripping for fructose

Now I've always enjoyed going fruit shopping. For me it's a thrill that is only beaten by two things - eating the fruit after you buy it and something else I can't publish as kids read this blog as well.

I thought you might like to come with me to my favorite fruit shop and do a little shopping with me? Non-South Africans, you can do a quick calculation on some of the prices and let me know if you think they're good or not!

Shall we go then?

Fruit Lovers Market indeed! Just pulling up outside it gives you such a thrill of anticipation! You never know what's going to be available when it comes to fruit and vegetables, ooooh hope there's something we'll love!! Race you!!!

First order of business is to find a shopping trolley worthy of being the chariot that bares our bountiful goodness! Generally the trolleys here are well behaved. No rogue wheels sending you into the tomato display or anything, but you do get a lot that seem to twine about each other, giving you a fabulous arm workout as you try to separate one from the other. Pull damn you, pull!!

GASP! Look! Watermelons right outside and looking so wanton! Shall we adopt one and give it a home? The trick is to listen for the THUNK. Um really that's the best way I can explain it. People do look at you a little weird when you're putting your ear to the melon and tapping away, but so far my success rate has been pretty awesome! Please hold your applause.

As to the pumpkins right next to the melons, lets pass on those. I'm not keen on pumpkin myself and you don't look like the sort who could polish one off on your own.

Time to chose from all the fruit! There's loose stuff, bagged stuff, packaged stuff, bunched stuff, and stuffed stuff! It's like a small heaven on earth! (The 'having to pay for it all' bit keeps your feet on the ground, but only just!) What will you be having, litchis or plums? I think some litchis for me, they're looking so lovely today!

This fruit shop even has a section for you to buy some groceries if you need them. Like if you have a sudden craving for baked beans and watermelon, or sardines with sugar and apples!

Look at all the nuts! Holy smurf! How do you chose? Well I'm allergic to pretty much any nut that starts with a 'P' (Peanuts, pistachios and Pecans) but the raw cashews look good, and I think some almonds would go down a treat!
Oh! Where did you wander off to?

Aaah I see you found the sweeties! There's a vast range to choose from, most are pretty much like the nut display only slathered in chocolate. But you're so sweet already, do you really need more?

Oh this sushi table gets me! You can sit down for a minute and chose what you'd like to eat from the little, brightly coloured sushi bowls that go past you on the conveyor track. I could use one of these to put different bits of fruit on and munch randomly from! Would you like some raw fish to nibble on?

If not then perhaps you'd like something fishy to cook at home? The shop comes with a meat section (I forgot to take a pic of their red meatiness, so lets skip that part) and a seafood section for you to chose what oceany denizen you want to fry up tonight. Calamari, squid, crab, mussels, oysters... you name it, they're there for the taking!

Seriusly any sort of seafood you could want! (Humph, that smear on the glass is ruining my squid viewing! Someone should get a rag on it!)

Mmmmh! Can you smell those spices? I love this part of the shop! The curry and coriander and allspice smell so fantastic! You want to take it all home and pour it all over your supper and just inhale!! (I used to over do it a lot so inhaling the scents was about all you could do, eating them was not an option.)
Want some cinnamon?

Ah baked goods. Cant eat them myself but I like the smell, it's a very warm and friendly one. Hey don't you think that assistant has cute buns? Okay okay it was a cheesy joke!
Speaking about cheese... There certainly is enough variety! Farm fresh or old, blue and moldy, a cartoon mouse would be in raptures! If it stinks to high heaven, here is where it's to be found!

And finally, after all that, why don't you pop on over to the dessert counter and get yourself something chocolately. for blood sugar of course!

Fruit shopping is never boring! It's far, far too entertaining! My eyes just can't get enough of these awesome goodies and I don't eat 90% of the stuff!! Alice can have wonderland, I've found my magical place!

Did you enjoy your trip to the fruit shop? Would you like to come again? Want to buy me something next time, I have a list...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A red letter day

Do you keep a diary?

This question is largely to anyone who isn’t a teenage girl, for whom diaries are almost an essential tool of emotional expression or items of blackmail by younger siblings often of the male variety.

For the last ten years I’ve been keeping diaries. The urge to write is so compelling in me that if it’s not a written diary then it’s letters or blogs or thoughts on the computer. There just always seems to be so much to comment on and not enough time to get it all down and tell the world so that they can experience it as well!

When I was unpacking I found 6 full, over 2kg each, diaries and 8 half, to 1/36th, diaries, full of chatter and nonsense and cartoons and stuff that sometimes makes me wonder if I did drugs without me knowing? I seldom go back to read things I’ve written. I mean to, of course, but somehow everything from chores to staring blankly at the ceiling seems to come in the way. (My room has a very nice ceiling, it gives it a sense of space…)

So after my move, I decided to stop this habit. I had all these diaries full of things that in essence had become null and void. It was an odd sensation to look at these things I’d put all that time and effort and thought and creation into and thinking… “meh”.

So come a few days before New Years I decided, bugger it, let’s get down to some serious destruction! I sat on the bed, diaries on one side, big black garbage bag on the other and proceeded to tear up the old diaries with very satisfying ripping sounds. Even the hamster seemed to find it interesting, sitting in his wheel and probably wondering if he’d get any of it as nesting material. (I didn't give him any, he's too easily corruptible!)

In a way it was sort of fun. I got to see and relive a lot of old, fun memories. Photographs, old movie tickets, photos from Gold Reef City, enthusing about my FIRST EVER TATTOO!! Spewing affection for my ex, my long dead pets or places we used to stay. (And yes, fruit. What? Some things never change!)

Of course it was sad as well. But a good sad, not the ‘it's-slicing-up-my-soul-with-a-blunt-spatula-god-it-hurts’ sort.

It makes you realize how life can change and change so damn fast! (Even when the signs are all there that change is coming, it’s still a shock when it shows up and tells you to move your ass out!) Things like this always make me marvel. It’s so awesome it’s hard to comprehend. Both beautiful and scary somehow.

Oh that’s nifty, I should put that in a diary!

The person I was then, is not the person I am now, and it was hard for the person I am now not to feel a mix of tenderest sympathy, and absolute scorn, for the younger me. I mean holy cheese, if you’d asked me 1, 5, 10 years ago what I saw for my future, this would not have been it. (For starters I thought I’d own more cats…)

But in the end I had a nice pile of recycle-able shredded paper and a deep sense of satisfaction. At that moment I realized I’d probably never keep another written diary again.

So of course I have a brand new one and will just have to write about this irony in it as soon as possible!