Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Fight against Sebastian Cyst

Once upon a time there was a Sebaceous Cyst, who was born on Jo's jaw down by her ear. He came to be known as Sebastian and he was evil!
Oh mostly Sebastian just lurked about and you never knew he was there. He'd sit plotting and planning a comeback, popping up now and then to cause Jo grief and then disappearing, pretending to have left. 

But one day he decided to make a grab at Face Domination and became all red and inflamed  With the help of the dark, uncontrollable powers of Infection, he brought forth mighty eruptions and powerful pain!! Lost in power, Sebastian went mad.

Jo was the understanding sort, but Sebastian's insanity was a canker that had to be cut out before he became too much of a destructive force! Jo needed help!

So one day she went to the magical land of Medi-cross clinic. Here she consulted the Wise Doctor Wizard who gave her magic muti to calm the raging Sebastian and told her to come back in a week's time for him to see how well his administrations had worked.

Oh but Sebastian was strong! He was having non of it and he fought the good white magic tooth and nail (or would if he'd had any teeth or nails - Jo was rather glad he didn't).

So back to the magical kingdom flew Jo where she was escorted into another Wizards secret chambers known only as, "The Theatre!"

Within small Jo saw many wondrous steel and chrome devices! What they all did, she couldn't imagine!
Then she did imagine and shivered a bit...

Jo was laid down on a table, as the wizard (known only as Surgeon), began a battle against the poisonous Sebastian using his powerful Scalpel wand and mighty Mercurochrome potions!

Sebastian raged and fought! He was four years old and had the power of Old Scar Tissue behind him! In went the scalpel, but the Scar Tissue resisted! Back and forth, back and forth, this deadly interplay of magics!

But in the end, Sebastian could not beat the the clever Surgeon and, without a whimper or sigh (again thank goodness!), Sebastian was finally subdued and Surgeon annihilated him by sewing, in the shape of two stitches, a charm into Jo's face to banish him forever!!

There was not much left of pitiful Sebastian...

Jo left feeling very grateful. She asked the mighty Surgeon, "How can I ever repay you?" To which Surgeon replied, "Here is my bill, pay at the counter"

It was a hefty bill, for Surgeons have many needs like new magical equipment and golf on Sundays. Jo paid it though, for she had heard the dungeons of the wizards where far nastier than anything Sebastian could have pulled forth.

Still in the end the foe was conquered, and Jo could show her charm off to the world and rest knowing that good had triumphed evil once again!!