Monday, September 10, 2012

Kasparov vs the Company! - September 2012

Garry Kasparov came to Discovery! 
For those who don't know him, Kasparov is a Russian considered by many to be one of the world's greatest Chess players that has ever lived. Now chess to me is hardly an entertaining game. I know it to be a game of strategy and quick thinking, if slow action, but who wants to watch a man play chess?

What if it's against 8 of your co-workers?

All at the same time?

That's right, Discovery got 40 members together to play chess until only 8 players were left, the cream of the cream. Could these 8 players beat the master?
Let the games begin!

All 8 players where on an L shaped stage that allowed Kasparov to move from one table to the next, playing against each person in turn. They got to rest and think strategically, while Kasparov moved continuously from one player to another, with no time for a "sit and think."

We got to watch each choice the Pro made before moving on to his next victim, sorry, rival. Even the most ardent chess hater couldn't help but watch, secretly hoping, maybe we'll get him yet!

Please! Kasparov moved so quickly from table to table that getting a photo of the guy was almost impossible as he was always moving! He was a chess playing machine!

Yeah ok, let me move my pawn, you just lost yours, next player please!

Occasionally he stopped to think. Usually just long enough to come up with another devastatingly clever move that made almost every single player on the stage huff, sigh and hold their hands together in new found religion.

Even Adrian Gore was there to watch the master at work. Keeping an outer cool, I bet inside he was cheering each of his employee's on screaming, "Win you moneky's, win!!"

Eventually Kasparov was down to just one opponent. Would she clear the floor with him?

No such luck! In the end, Kasparov reigned supreme, sending 8 of our very best back home, tail between legs.
It was quite the show! Well done to our guys and congratulations to Mr Kasparov, what can we say other than... W  O  W!!!