Friday, April 29, 2011

Only the Pony!

So Thursday dawns, cold but not dampening our spirits! It’s time for the surprise and I can hardly wait to see what it is!

And what was it?

Horse riding!!!

Aaah it’s been so long and it was such fun! Of course we were dirt beginners and highly entertaining to onlookers, but we walked the horses, turned them and tried to steer frantically away from the fence with mixed results. We also did trotting which taught us the value of exercise and firm leg muscles!

My horse was a little white gelding named Oceans 11, who liked to stop walking the second he was our of range of the instructors prod and Rob rode a brown by the name of Zorro who kept wanting to lean against the fence and chat to his fellow horses.

At the end of it all though we were really psyched and decided this was one of those things we needed to do more often!

Oceans 11 and our instructor. You walk up to the horse and your first thought is, "I'm down here and I have to get UP THERE?"

Hey I managed to get up!!

See that? Aren't we professional looking?
(Maybe don't answer that...)

This was my forward view.

And this was the rear view. I didn't see this much as it required a level of acrobatics in the saddle that I wasn't quiet up to much. Sides when you see this view a lot it tends to mean you're facing the wrong way!!

See? Rob trotting! Go go go!!! Now tell me this doesn't look like ten times a heap of fun?!
Wanna come next time?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Egg-citing Good Friday April 2011

Easter just isn't Easter if you don't go about painting your own boiled eggs!
(Okay I did just make this up as I haven't done this since I was a kid but I'm trying to instill some romantic nostalga and I can't find a nice violin mp.3 to inbed here to set the mood...)

Rob and I decided to do a bunch of eggs to give out those who'd appreciate them best! We'd found this old, old packet of egg dyes from like 20 years ago, very literally! They were old and dusty but, we decided, still useable! (As egg dye or nuclear fuel was still up for some debate...)

We spent a large portion of Friday boiling batch of eggs after batch of eggs until eggs going in and out of hot water was pretty much permanently blazed into our impressionable minds!

We prepared plastic-container-thingy after plastic-container-thingy of coloured dye and dipped eggs in with reckless abandonment! The yellow was golden, the red was crimson, the blue a dark navy and the purples, for some odd reason, look like half boiled meat! (Purple is a temperamental colour at best sometimes!)

We decided to leave the majority just perdy dyed colours, but decided to do the ones for friends and family with a bit more pizazz!
We broke out the fine, non toxic, (we checked), paints and began painting pretty much whatever popped into our heads!

Behold the results of our creative juices!!

Venom. Spiderman and Homer Simpson! These I painted with a lot of attention to detail. Venom has his long tongue, and homer even had hair and ears! He was awesome! I don't know how people will eat these!
(Actually probably very easily and with a dash of salt!)

Ok the first one is our little sausage dog, Waldy, and not an angry frenchman, I promise!!
The second is Jack Skellington in negative, and the third was meant to be a cute hamster but everyone says it looks more like a cat!
It's a hamster dammit!!

The pirate one was for Robs dad, in memory of his eye surgery! The other two are just there to make you think!

Rob painted his own set of eggs as well! He actually did 5 but felt his plaid one was not worthy of photographing! Poor thing, boiled, dyed, painted and then given a complex to boot!

I decided that the freaky purple eggs made good monsters! Rawr!!! Red worked just as well! The nice thing about monsters is that they're very versatile!

All the specially painted eggs packed up and ready to go out into the world!!!

Some of the ones we left as just basic dyed colours, aren't they pretty though? The purple, I must admit, did come out a bit ominous but that just added character!