Monday, December 5, 2011

Discovery - Orlando Children's Home visit - 3 December 2011

Saturday Morning, bright and early, saw us Discovery volunteers heading off for an exciting journey to the Orlando Children's home to spread some good cheer, tons of fun, and present giving!! Would you like to join me on a virtual trip?

Let's go!!!

In the bus and ready to ride! Meet our event coordinator, Linda! We could tell exactly how hard the bus driver was braking by how far she flew each time he did! 

Soweto - It has it's own vibe going! The houses are mostly low cost and informal but even so the residents still seem to be house proud and each one has it's own unique touch!

The outside of the home. It doesn't give away much does it? What will we find inside?

All the volunteers took as many packages of presents, sports goods and cupcakes down to the reception area as they could carry. Those bags are heavier then they look! You feel like some rippling Santa's helper by the time you reach the bottom! Check these biceps Rudolph!

Presents dropped off, we go skittering down to the field to set up everything for the kids!

We're a bit nervous. You can't wait to dive in but at the same time you worry you'll do something doff or make a kid cry or end up hogging the hoola hoops! How should we break the ice?

Why by playing with toys of course!! Once we start, it doesn't take long for the kids to cop on and happily join in, showing us how it's REALLY DONE!!

Everyone starts to meld and the awkwardness vanishes as quickly as it came!

We all discover the child inside ourselves!

And kids of all ages get stuck right in! There's nothing they're not willing to try! Too small? Says you!!

Wow! Got some moves there!! I'll try that um... later....

Then it's present time! The best part for some! What’d we get? What’d we get? Oh? Only the kids got presents? So lucky!! Can I see what you got?

In the end everyone had a wonderful time, children and adults alike, and we all went off with some new and special memories of all the little friends we'd made! Could you think of a better way to spend a few free hours on a Saturday?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jacaranda Sisters with Blisters November 26 2011

The Sisters with Blisters walk finally came about once more! And Brendan and I were well near bursting with enthusiasm!! WOOHOO!!!  THIS, our second time round, was going to be our best effort yet!!

Not that last year wasn't a blast:-

But this year I think it had a bit more pizzazz, 2011 style, don't you think?

Bren gets into costume! And has almost too much fun in it...
He's dressed as a sexy cat lady, complete with little ears and short, stubby tail! As you can see the look suits him! His mum was so proud!

101 Dalmatian - photos!! Yes that would be me! And in case you're wondering, no, the suit wasn't really that hot, and awfully comfortable! Seeing through the hood though is not the easiest thing this side of the Atlantic but viva a challange!

There was one colour that was rather noticeable on the day...
By the way, does anyone else find those large, bendy, inflated, vaguely humanoid things sort of creepy?

Yip there were a TONS of people there! Curiosity makes me wonder how comfortable those adult nappies (Diapers) were? Um, not that I'd ever try one!! Cough...

 A lot of people!
A lot of Pink!

Brendan get's a free yoyo! Needless to say this guy was powerless in front of Bren's overwhelming feminine wiles!

There were, of course, other princesses at the walk, but I like to think Bren was the Queen!
I should be quiet now...

 Look! Look! Look! Our costumes won a prize!! It was some voucher for shoes or something. I still have it, but am not keen on sparkly shoes so doubt I'll collect it. Want it?

All in all - GOOD JOB!!!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Emmarentia Dam - November 2011

We went to Emmarentia Dam a few weeks ago! It was an absolute blast!! If you're planning to go, sooner rather then later should be you're war cry! Everything is green and alive and just waiting to be eaten up by your eyes!!
And if you can't go then hey, that's what this blog is for! ^_-

 Isn't it pretty? This is the back end of the dam, where many little, what would you call them, dam-lings, reside! It was woody and full of little paths you could walk down or cycle. People brought their dogs and the whole place had a very relaxed, friendly atomosphere!

 Don't you wish your dog would do that? Oh and by the looks of small landmines about the area I'd say people see this sign as more of a suggestion then a rule.

 Doesn't that look refreshing?

 What we like to call, 'Tim Burton Trees'! They give the woody area a bit of a surreal feel to it! The pine smell is heavenly though!

 The one I like the most is third from the top, no religious gatherings! Well now where will we get to sacrifice that goat we brought?

Now what the heck is this? If it's for shade why is it straddled over a fence? Could it be art? If so people's standards have dropped a bit since my day! *When I walked uphill to school 10miles in the snow - both ways!*

Isn't it pretty? With the vague scent of roses wafting in the breeze! *sniffs at air like a blood hound*

Even the most jaded person has to admit this is beautiful! The gardens are a lovely place to come to just meander about and enjoy my favorite sort of nature - the tamed, nice, neat rows sort! :P

Cor whatever he ate last night didn't agree with him...

Some statues squirrelled away from the public eye. I still get an unreasonable urge to go tripping down the pathway and draw a mousetache on them! They look very formal. They need to relax a bit!

Rob pelts off after the ice cream man! He's got competition! It's neck and neck! Who'll win? who'll get their Wild berry lolly first?! God the suspense!!!

I will admit the botanical garden's loos leave something to be desired. They're very open so all of nature can come into the stalls and snuggle up close to you. This is one of my companions!

And this was the tap outside the bathroom. And if you're thinking, yeah okay this fetish for bathroom doodads has got to stop Jo! Then no!! I took this pic to try give you and idea of how hard the water was shooting out of it! Take a look at it hitting the, very fake, marble! Sheesh, you put your hands under that stream of water and you lose a layer of skin!! I can see the guy, it would be a guy, who put this in, standing there in a white lab coat with disheveled hair and a crazed look in his eye yelling, "Hygiene has it's price! MWA HAHA!!!"

A deer statue used to stand in the gardens. I remember climbing it when I was a wee thing. But it got stolen to be melted down for bronze. The police got the head back and it lasted maybe 6 months. Then it was stolen again. I think it a perfect monument to the joys of living in South Africa. :P

The Huguenot monument. I don't remember hearing anything about these guys in history class. What a woeful thing is education!

There's tons of birds out and about in the gardens, they're mostly too busy to chat though...

Just going to mow me some hay!! We snuck into the back part of the gardens, where technically you're not supposed to go, and I found this too good an opertunity to miss out on! The seat is very comfie.
Sadly they hadn't left the keys in! Where's the trust?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Team Building @ Jozi X - October 2011

Ah there's nothing like a little team building to bring out the best in everyone!
And this was nothing like that!
A bunch of computer jocks and an obstacle course... you just know this is going to get interesting...