Monday, June 13, 2011

The Gardens - take two - Late May 2011

I recently blogged our first trip to the Walter Sisulu Gardens, where we bounded about exploring and oohing and aahing over interesting flora and fauna.

Well we decided to go back! And this time we did some of the small "hiking" trails about the park. Want to see some of what we saw?

This is the gate opening into one of the hiking trails, isn't it inviting? Mind we did the walk in such a willy-nilly fashion that we ended coming out this side instead! Eh, who wants to do things by the book all the time anyway?

Isn't that a scrumptious view? It's late May so winter was settling in with a 'Brr' like determination but it hadn't yet managed to conquer all the feisty green plants, hooray!

Don't these steps look like they might lead to somewhere far away and magical? Mostly they just lead to more hiking trail, but I'm sure that magical kingdom is just around the bend... (Oh wait, this map is upside down! And drawn by me! Oh dear...we're all gonna die, aren't we?)

Some parts of the garden actually did look dead scary! You can imagine this scenery in a slasher movie where some abnormally large breasted girl in scanty clothing is running for her life while the baddy, who was miles behind her, pulls a short cut and leaps in front of her with a smile and a wink and a really high quality chainsaw!

Soft moss....*rub rub rub*
Oh that mark on my middle finger was where a hot pot got revenge on me! It's still not fully healed even now! If you'd like you can take a moment of silence...

Under the low hanging branches we go! Tall people might find this walk a bit more adventurous then us compact sorts. However small people will find their struggle amusing so it's a win-win situation!

EGAD!!! A SNAKE!!! Well at the gardens a hose pipe really is the closest thing you're likely to get to a snake. Can't say I was complaining!

Was trying to take a photo of a butterfly fluttering about here! Little demon moved so fast! BUT if you look closely on the pathway you can see his shadow!! I'm not sure why but I feel rather proud of that!

There were a lot of really pretty, sassy little flowers sprinkled all about the park. I wanted to take a zillion pics, but I'm realistic enough to know I'd be the only one who'd sit through photo after photo of pansies that were floral and not "just really fabulous people hunny!"

Here is the waterfall again. If you squint your eyes up all Asian like (though not as attractive), you can see the eagle nest on the left hand ledge, high up and far away. We thought they were empty but....

With the aid of a telescope conveniently placed there by birding enthusiasts, we managed to see the eagles! Both these pics were taken by having me arch over the scope and hover my camera just above the eye piece! Me thinks not too bad all in all! I even managed to get a pic of the male who flew off ten seconds after he was spotted! Oh Jo, what good timing!

Apparently the eagles nest there all winter so if you'd like to see it sometime, or maybe just go through the park on a hike or two with a woman with an extremely under-burnt middle finger, well, just let me know, I'm always game!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gem Show @ Fourways - late May

Now I just had to go to this! I've never been to a gem show before and while you sort of get an idea what the show might be like, it's still wonderful to see! Rob and I tootled on off to Fourways mall to see what all the fuss was about. And ooooh! All those sparkly things!!!
Our budget was low so for us this was merely window shopping but still, was hard not to drool on some of the goodies, I mean just look!

Rough gems. Even so you have to admit you just want to pick them up and fondle them happily while the sales lady watches with a concerned expression on her face and a finger an inch away from the panic button!

You just didn't know what you were going to see as you walking through the isles! I'm not sure what I'd do with this, make a nice paperweight, but my eyes found it a feast to look at!

Every wannabe witch and Wiccan that ever there was, will gather there for certain because! classic crystals to like, cleanse your aura man!

Suddenly I have the need to have a pair of balls!
I'll take rose quartz and sun-stone if you please!

Okay so we each got ourselves a pair of magnets. These turned out to be a lot of fun and we spent the rest of the walk clicking them together and sticking them to this, that and the next thing! The pull is so strong that you can put one on the top of your hand and have the other clinging beneath it, rather a freaky feeling! These guys are stuck to the keys in my pocket!

Oooooh this felt awesome! If I ever get rich enough I am so buying a scratch patch big enough to lie full body in and then just cover myself with glittery, cool stones!
(Well maybe not in winter!)

Add to the fact there was jewelry of all sorts, strange carved stones, necklaces with giant prehistoric shark teeth and well a ton of goodies, makes me rather glad we went! And if you want to see all those extras I just mentioned, COME WITH NEXT TIME!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

It seemed like a good idea at the time?

Paint + lipstick + a heafty dose of just being me -

First apply and let dry! It's not easy when you wear glasses, you mostly go on faith!

Awww, who's sulky then? Actually was about to laugh but eh, works both ways!

From the side! Me thinks with a little work I could do something like this and add my zentai siut to it! Ooooh possibilities!!

Yeah, I donno either...

Don't you love the mess on my teeth? Can't say it tastes scrumptious...

Okay... tired now...

Okay, I might have tried washing it off with a little less enthusiasm...