Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I went to the zoo this past long weekend and felt that, since you were unfortunate enough not to have come along, the least I could do is share some of my photos with you! Enjoy!!

[Isn't he gorgeous on that green green grass! There where whole flocks of them about, they looked like little blue supernovas!]

["Oh man! I gotta go to the bathroom!"]

[Of course right after wards he stood and turned his back on me so that a second shot was out of the question! Humph, no wonder lions eat them!]

["Dude! You got like a smoke or like some pot?" Look at that eye! It freaks me out! He does Emo with a style those kiddies can only dream about!]

[Even asleep you want to walk by this guy QUICKY and QUIETLY!!]

["So I accidentally went in our water trough and I guess I shoulda told you before you drank from it..."]

[Wow, isn't he magnificent?! He just looks so big and cuddly and squeezy! Still, sorta glad there's a nice friendly sheet of solid glass between him and me!]

[Another big kitty that looks deceptively cuddly! You know that, just like upper management, lions sleep 18 hours a day?]

[White lions being about as active as the origional coloured variety.]

[Looks so harmless. yeah right! Still bet he'd make a nice watch dog! Do jackal's bark?]

[one a crocodile, two a crocodile, entirely too many a crocodiles!]

[Want one! He can eat all the bugs in the garden and I'll watch him and roll on the floor in the throws of a cute-out rapture!]

Sigh, the zoo is just fantastic, I never get tired of it! Please do come with me next time, I'll give you the guided tour! ^_-