Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jacaranda Sisters with Blisters walk - 24th November 2012

On a rainy November morning, two over excitable people leapt out of bed and prepared for the annual JACARANDA SISTERS WITH BLISTERS walk! Woohoo!!!
This was our third year and no silly soaking rain was going to dampen our enthusiasm!

This is probably more make up then I've worn the entire year! 

I must admit Bren stole the day with his Joker inspired get up! Dude was frikkin' creepy! 

Oh Mr B, how terribly unlady-like a driver you are!

 Rain rain rain! But still, the turn-out was pretty good and finding parking required some creative thinking!

 Some folk maybe got too creative?

 There were many men in skirts! And check those shoes! Foxy!!

 I was making some new friends!

 So was Bren....

 Milling at the start all moist and muddy and keen! Lets get walking people!

 After the breakup with Mickey, Mini really let herself go...

 What would a fun walk be without at least one fundamental group of fanatics? Curiously enough I never saw anyone head that way? Maybe best to keep it to Church bakes sales hmmm?

Everyone had a ball! From men in skirts to their little dogs too!
Now we have to wait a whole year for the next one? Poop!
Oh! Almost stood in some!

It was so much fun!!!