Friday, July 23, 2010

Foot Where?

Let’s talk about socks baby!!

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a sweet and girlish, (My description and I’m sticking with it), love for socks. Some call it a ‘Sock Fetish’ but you’d not believe the sort of things people start thinking when they hear that! Like I wine and dine them, or go to a seedy motel with a bag full of footwear! Sorry for the pervs out there but my love, though deep and abiding, is strictly platonic!

I will also admit that it has been so many years since I have worn matching socks on purpose, that I actually can’t remember when last I did! I do remember the first time I tried mismatched socks. It was just for a laugh, one black, one white. But my eyes were so enchanted by the colour movement when I walked, and my feet so purring and happy that from that day I never looked back! (A big plus side is that you never have to worry about socks going missing in the wash, as long as they don’t match, why worry? ^_^)

If I borrow any of Ursh’s socks I will wear matching ones but only because all of hers are pretty much black and that defeats the purpose. (Sometimes I wear a small black on one foot and a large one on the other to appease the rebel within me…)

My fascination for socks started with the fact that I have fussy feet with two big quirks:-

Firstly and basically, my feet pretty much hate each other.
Don’t scoff it’s entirely true! When my feet touch each other sockless, all naked and vulnerable, they are so repulsed that they leap apart instantly, which tends to wake me up if it happens at two in the morning! For me the worst feeling I can have on my foot is the feeling of the other foot! (Okay not the worst, worst ever - poop, dead rat guts, putrid meat, those would be a bit more revolting, but I’m trying for effect!)
By putting socks on I effectively cut off that sensation and restore a sense of Pedi -peace and love!

Secondly, my feet are individuals. They may be mirror images to the average person but to themselves they are happy, unique, individuals and the idea of dressing in twin outfits? Oh my! What an outrage!!!

My left foot is the buff one. It’s adventurous and quiet frankly, murder on my socks. It always gets the sock that’s in the worst condition because chances are it made it that way in the first place! It is the one most likely to make a bee-line for your crotch if you sneak up on me when I’m out walking. It likes bright colours and black.

My right foot is more lady-like. It likes pastels and white socks. It never tests bath or swimming pool water and is the more ticklish of the two.

See? Individuals!

And aren’t socks themselves interesting? Ankle socks! Toe socks! Knee socks! Invisible socks! (Luckily they aren’t really invisible otherwise they’d be awfully hard to find in the wash…).

I have a pair of socks from Amsterdam, London and Germany (The German ones are mismatched!!).

I have a pair of socks my sister gave me two years ago that I’ve never worn but that I like to cuddle and squeeze because they are so, so soft! I call them “Pet socks” and Ursh just shows me “The look” once more.

I have a sock puppet, Le Sock, made out of one of my socks with mismatched button eyes. I’ve made a few videos of him but the sound quality is generally bad. Sob sob.

I have… to probably best shut up now.

So if you ever want to buy me some socks, as a birthday gift, Christmas gift or just out of random generosity, I will gladly accept them and heartily thank you once I stop rolling on the floor in happiness! They will be well loved!!
(The only downside being that I will remember you gave me them and the look of eternal hope on my face each time I see you might start to make you feel uncomfortable…)

Have a great day and hey, nice footwear you got there!

Monday, July 12, 2010


On Wednesday we got a most intriguing phone call from our partners in Pandemonium. We were invited to see something we’d never get to see again.

Only we weren’t told what! Isn’t that awfully infuriating yet delectably interesting? We spent the rest of the week wondering and happy didn’t guess it or come even close! (For which I was most glad as some of our ideas where starting to get a bit out there… No I’m not telling you!)

So Saturday dawned and off the lot of us went. (5 in total, our pairing, their paring, and one Dad added for seasoning!).

We finally got to the place we were going which didn’t give away a single sign as to what was going on! We entered a gate and drove. And drove and drove and drove, down long windy, narrow roads, looking out for buck but seeing only burnt ground and listening to stories of what happens around the area, which helped us guess what was going on about 10 minutes before we’d have found out anyway. (It still counts damn it!)

[[Our main view on the way to parking. Don't these things fry your brain or something? Well it didn't effect me cause I am....*drool*]]

So what were we up to? We were going to watch Explosions!!!

See they make bombs and explosive goodies around there, and any that are old and fastly approaching their expiry dates are taken out back and blown up! (Aren’t you glad we don’t do the same with people? Mind funeral expenses would be cut in half….)

[[It's really a humongous crater! Tells you of some fun times with Explosions Past!]]

We stood in a crowd of mostly male specimens and got told what bomb was going off where and when to cover our ears.

[[Bits of leftover bomb bits by Ursh's feet. A bit nerve twitching as you can't help but wonder how they managed to get where we are standing and if, today, there would be a repeat performance?]]

We got to see how fast the buggers burn, how hot and how LOUDLY they go off! We even got to see a tree get blown up!
And appreciate my photos hey! The explosions were not only fast but I had to makeshift-cover my ears as well as try timing when to photo! (I put tissue paper in my ears, surprisingly effective!)

[[Perdy! And HOT!]]

[[The fact I got the smoke at all is an achievement, praise me! The explosives that ran along the fence went so fast you barely saw anything and suddenly smoke! Spooky]]

[[And some of the bombs were even set to go off in a musical pattern! Bom-a-bombom-BOM! It was better then half the stuff on the radio at the moment!]]

[[No one under 18 allowed in? Sort of makes it sound like if you're over 18 come on in and get vapourized, and if you're an employee, well that's just a bonus!]]

The explosions themselves don’t look nearly as flashy as ones on TV, but then again you don’t get to feel the shockwaves slam into your chest from the movie ones either! Or the wash of heat as flames fly up into the sky and you are bathed in a bunch of super heated, toasty molecules!

IT was all over too quickly! Sadly they won’t be blasting in that area any more, but I’m hoping they’re still going to do it somewhere open to the public! Want to come with next time? Bring ear plugs!!

Below is a video of the BLASTING! The squeaky, over-enthusiastic person in the background would be me! ^_^

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bunny Parking

So what do two girls, low on funds but not up to a bout of Cabin Fever, do on Sunday?
Why go to the Bunny Park of course!
(Why does not one ever guess that? ) :P

The Bunny Park is a grand place to go to stretch your legs, chase small furry things, smell smells you wouldn’t think possible and pay not a cent to get in! It’s not extremely huge but enough to get the wiggles out your legs and trick you into thinking you actually did some exercise!

Here is my photo blog of the Bunny Park in Winter!!

Actually they're just running away from us, but this way it's not such a slap in the face! ^_^

What can I say my main Bun, they're killer! And no, I still don't have any goodies to give you!

The bridges at the bunny park are pretty wobbly and some have collapsed. Take a look at the water you can see, who wants to fall into that? (You'd probably float, like the dead sea, there's enough...chunks... in there to keep you up!)

Ducks, swans, geese, plovers and seagulls, the bunny park has them all... pooping in the water! And you wonder why it ends up all icky looking!

I always want a peacock feather when I see them. No idea why. Maybe just the urge to rugby tackle them?

Butting into our business. The goats and sheep also approve heartily of some fine tasty carrot!

I want to live in the magical castle of fruit, veg and small squeaking things! (Course it means living in a small, dark, dank cage like a wild animal...tough choice!)

Look at the pigs, the water, the mud! Hard to wrap your mind around that being your next bacon breakfast!

I can't really say anything more...

You give sticky kids with wet pants rides all day and see how you feel!

Cause one day I will hunt you down!! :P