Sunday, January 29, 2012

Impromptu ROAD TRIP! (28 Jan 2012)

On a Clear and sunny Saturday Rob and I decided to take a road trip!!

Okay that's not entirely true. Originally we planned to go on a hike at a farm, but we got lost and decided, bugger it, let's just keep on going!! Below find the tales of our wanderings!!

Off we go along the open road, mile and miles of green trees, grass and open skies! It was just awesome to see! This is a Jovvi view from the left hand passanger seat!

Admittedly trees, grass and sky made up rather a large chunk of our first leg of the journey. We were in another provence all together, the North West. And it's here we clocked up over 200km's of driving!!
It was entertaining though! I spent most of my time hanging about the window trying to get shots that weren't green and brown blurs!

Oh! Here is Hartebeesport dam! It looks deceptively easy to get to, but there are so many lodges and private reserves and such around it that finding your way to it's shores is not really an option! I don't think that's fair! It's lovely, it should be shared with everyone. Or at least just me!

 There's a lot to do in Magaliesburg! The signs pointed us to horse riding and camping grounds, candle making factories and... oh wait! What's this....

When I saw the sign I knew that was were we were going! Rob was amicable so off we went! I'm not sure why I had this sudden need to be there since I don't even like cheese, but my nose was blocked so I figured I was pretty safe!

We speculated about the cheese farm. Did they grow cheeses in rows? Or were the cheese free range and organic? Did they eat hay? How hard was it to breed a good cheese?

 Yes, yes, we're COMING!!!!

I preferred our ideas on where cheese should come from!

The cheese farm is pretty large and has tons of cyclists who come to cycle the tracks then have lunch at the resturant, cheese and cycling, a natural combo! Here is one of their goats they had having a good scratch! So that's what nature gave em horns for! Don't you wish you had a pair for those really deep itches?

We met a few other colourful characters at the farm as well. There were even sheep, with a little baby we named Shaun. Sadly he was rather camera shy. (Though once we'd walked away and turned back there was the little bugger, up against the fence and looking smug!)

Our next stop was for Rob! We halted at a little side of the road place that unashamedly advertised as having the worlds best biltong! (American's: that's Beef Jerky to you.)
Rob ordered some, reached his hand into the brown paper bag, took a slow, savouring chomp.... and proclaimed it, if not the worlds best, at least up there in the top 5!

 Every Bob and his dog seemed to have an Art Gallery around here! And the pics were not exactly going cheap either! Funny enough they all have the same look to them, like one person mass produced them and then sprinkled them about the country side with reckless abandonment!

With chilli, fruit and herb plants it's no wonder the bathroom are right there!

Isn't this pretty? We stopped all over taking photos of interesting things! Well I took photos, Rob was my wingman!

There were many interesting things to photograph, some really pretty!

And some just silly....

Our car paked at yet another scenic place to take pics of! Sometimes it was like we were the only humans left alive. Knowing my luck all the others would be zombies coming up just round that curve...

Back in the car we went and headed off to more familiar grounds!

Like Lifestyle garden centre in Randburg! Oh my word! Oh my word! Oh my word! Look at this little thing! It's a Tenrec! Isn't it so cute?! I so want one!
At R 2000 a pop though, sadly that is more just a really nice pipe dream.

Technically Lifestyle is a large garden place with a ton of interesting things from hobby supplies to ghastly tacky ornamentation to plants by the colourful bushel!
So of course we only paid attention to the critters!

 Our next stop was Vegieland in Sunward park, Brakpan. Veggie munchers to the left, all the rest of you to the right!!
Sadly the shop was not up to expectations but no worries, we'll just find somewhere else twice as nice!!

Then off to Builder Warehourse in in Kempton park!
 It's a big hardware store.
A BIG hardware store!!
Gosh I get tingles going into one of these!!! So much potential down every isle!!!
Sadly were were there just to get rob a plank of shelving, which takes hardly a few minutes.

It should take a few minutes but it took for frikkin' ever! And then the heavens opened with a god almighty downpour! Here we see [unnamed] guardsman, lowering the outside garage door a bit to stop the rain getting in. As you can see he was not entirely sucessful.

Since cutting one plank of wood appeared to be a science of great time and dedication akin only to growing a clone, I went off and sniffed about the hardware store.

Aren't these samples of wood lovely? From silver pine, to cherry, to deepest black! Mind they're all chipboard just with fancy paint on them but the overall effect gets an A+!

Since the tree that would supply the wood for Robs plank seemed to still need to grow I then went over to the tile section.
This is my favourite section! *Bounces*
Nothing says non-pervy sensual pleasure like feeling up different types of tiles! The glass sort are my favourite but pebbles come a close second!!

Finally we ended the day going to Greenstone mall and the food lovers market behind it! (Take that Vegieland!!)

I used to think the grass here was real and was mightily impressed at the greenstone gardening department. Then, alas, I found out it's fake astro turf. Now every time I see it I remember how sneaky this place can be!
Rob gave in some second hand books and bought a spindle of CD's and then we both went and got tasty food items for supper!

Oh supper! How I want you!!!

It was past 6pm when we got home! 9.5 hours on the road, and over 300km's driven!!!!
And best off?  100% Worth it!
THAT is how you spend a Saturday in my view!! Talk about entertaining!!

And now excuse me, I need to spend all of Sunday SLEEPING, I'M SO TIRED!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


So Rob bought this ginormous Ferrero Rocher Chocolate that's just been daring him to purchase it for the last month or so! Can you imagine such a big ball full of chocolate? We couldn't wait to unwrap it and see what it was all about! How shiny golden the wrapper, how warm and heavy the ball. Such hopes and dreams were never brought forth as they were with this benign little package.

 Rob removed the cover slowly and delicately, this was not a processed to be rushed!! The crowd (namely me) watched breathlessly! A plastic shell was revealed under which beat a heart of solid, lustrous chocolate!! Look at the size of that thing!! And all those little bits sprinkled about in it's creamy skin? Why those would be cheeky pieces of hazelnut there to only enhance the majesty of this confection! Isn't it magnificent? If you'd like to take a moment of silent worship, you may!

But OH NO!!! What is this?!?! How can it be?!?!
Rob cut the bonbon ball in half only to find out.... IT WAS HOLLOW!!!
Weep! Weep with me little ones! Such cruel false promises!!! A consumer was mislead into thinking they'd get more value for money than they did, who has heard of such a thing?!
Oh Ferrero Rocher, we trusted you!!!!

 Well any way such is life, want a piece?